B&G Surveying, Inc. has been focusing on ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys for over 30 years in Central Texas.



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B&G Surveying has worked with Central Texas residential and Commercial building professionals for over 20 years. Our staff has the knowledge and experience necessary to meet all of your building needs and we are a bilingual office.

Subdivision Platting

Platting is the process that insures that the state, county and municipalities can control the way they develop and grow. This includes extending infrastructure, roads and utilities. The platting process insures that when development happens it will conform to local laws and rules. Subdivision Plats must be reviewed and approved by many entities – city planners, utility companies, municipal districts, drainage districts, fire marshals and finally by a city council or the county court. All plats should follow minimum standards to safeguard the public. The law gives the smallest municipality the right to develop it’s own platting standards. Platting is mandated by the state although, it is administered by county officials and local municipal officials. All plats follow minimum standards to safeguard the public. Most platting requirements are set by local government. Because local governments control the process and requirements for platting, the time it takes for platting varies widely. Typically both a preliminary and final plat is required. Each submission must be reviewed by planners, power companies, fire marshals and whatever various other entities the municipality feels should be consulted. These processes can take weeks or even several months on large projects. After the preliminary approval has been reviewed by a planning commission, it goes county commissioners, city council or county court. Sometimes utility construction must be completed before the final plat can be approved and recorded. In moat some case no construction can begin until after the plat is recorded.

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